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Every Person Counts, Every Tree Counts, Every Pecan Counts

Our Mission

Every person counts, every tree counts and every pecan counts.

Every Person counts: Everyone has a responsibility to perform and continuously improve. Treat others and be treated with respect.

Every Tree counts: Every tree will be a standard of excellence, innovation and stewardship. Each tree will reflect or commitment to the environment and our community.

Every Pecan counts: We will produce and trade leading quality pecan products without waste.

Lalo Medina

Lalo Medina

Our Farms

We are the stewards in the name of future generations for over 8,000 acres of Texas land.

Van Horn Farm

  • Over 5,100 acres in West Texas.
  • Major local employer.
  • World class productivity.

Bastrop Farm

  • Over 500 acres of central Texas.
  • Significant nursery operation.

Brownwood Farm

  • Over 900 acres in Central Texas.

Van Horn Farms

Lane Brewster - Farm Manager

Why did you get into farming?

I was raised on a farm. I enjoy being outdoors and watching crops and different plants grow.

What is your favorite thing about the farm?

I like to be around different types of equipment and watch them work.

What does Every Person Counts, Every Tree Counts, Every Pecan Counts mean to you on how you do your work every day?

Safety is the most important thing on the farm. Everything done on the farm has effect on something so you must pay close attention to everything.

How do you like to help your Community?

We help the 4-H kids in all their different events and others also.

What is your favorite thing to do off the farm?

I like to ride my horse and check on the cows.

Lane Brewster
Van Horn Farms 2

Bastrop Farms

Travis Britt - Farm and Nursery Manager

Why did you get into farming?

I enjoy working outdoors and watching things grow.  There is nothing like being able to manipulate a plant and get it to do what you want.  Plants can't talk and explain, they can't make any noises to tell you what they need, there is a lot of satisfaction in determining and fixing a problem for something that cannot communicate.  Nothing like the feeling of success, and more importantly failure.  Constant learning.

What is your favorite thing about the farm?

My favorite part about the farm is the weekends. The best and most productive time on the farm is the weekend. No phones, no co-workers, no distractions, just pure work and fun. The weekends remind me of why I got involved in this life style. Second favorite part on the farm is the nursery and river.

What does Every Person Counts, Every Tree Counts, Every Pecan Counts mean to you on how you do your work every day?

Details, details, details. Everybody, no matter how small or big on the farm is important. Without the people we could not get it done.

How do you like to help your Community?

I love when smaller growers call and ask questions. The smaller growers are not afraid to admit their mistakes and ask you questions. Some of the most knowledge I’ve gained is from people calling me to admit a mistake. This forces me to learn and more importantly I get to help them.

What is your favorite thing to do off the farm?

Go to my beach house and relax.


Travis Britt

Our Nursery

We supply the pecan industry with the highest quality tree stock available.


  • All commercially viable certified pure varieties

Small Sized Containers

  • Soil less media prevents transfer of field grown pests to the orchard floors
  • Proven more efficient when planting


  • Pecan weevil free
  • Fire ant free
  • Japanese beetle free

Best Management Practices

  • 92,000 growing pods
  • Each pod is individually watered, fertilized to the needs of the tree it holds


PGF mainly grows high quality wichita and western varieties and are one of the largest pecan producers in Texas and within the USA. Our in-shell pecans are currently sold to large food processors within the United States as well as internationally.

We are proud our of our hard work, dedication, stewardship and care for our trees to grow the highest quality pecan on the market.


Six Benefits from PGF Trees

Our unique technology produces the best container trees for our clients

All trees true to variety and certified pest and disease-free: We are certified by the USDA, TDA, and the NMDA. We grow our pecan trees in a soilless media. It helps to prevent disease/insect pressure in the orchard.

Our Warranty of a strong tree: PGF hand-grades several times a year, ensuring only the strongest trees are produced. We are providing a tree in a container that has 100% of its root system vs roughly 10-15% of a root system from a bare-root tree.

Strong probability to produce pecans at least a year ahead of bare-root trees: PGF trees have been pampered for almost 3 years with fertilizer and proper irrigation techniques. Having 100% of their root system, PGF trees are not stressed when transplanted to your orchard, and have historically gained production a year ahead of bare-root trees.

IT’S cheaper and faster to plant a PGF container tree vs. other container trees in the market Easier to handle and unload 2.5 gal container tree vs. a typical 6 gal. You’ll have a smaller hole to dig at planting. Our soilless media is significantly lighter than soil. More trees fit in one container. (2,500 trees vs 1,000 trees)

Flexibility to plant trees well into the summer time without a loss of trees Watering the trees inside the container will extend the planting season well into the summer time. PGF trees allow flexibility for the farmer to adapt to weather delays at planting and manage costs.

Significant savings for the grower due to survivability of PGF trees of over 99% (vs 90% for bare-root trees) Savings on the cost of buying and planting the original tree. Savings on fertilizing and irrigating a dead tree. Savings on the cost of buying and planting a new tree. Loss of income due to a year delay of pecan production for those trees that died.

John Luzius

John Luzius

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

We have trees available year round.

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