About PGF


an integrated company, capable of relentless focus on quality as we control every step from nursery to orchard to processing.

a family owned company with deep values driving our commitment to do the right thing…always.

expert employees, empowered to make decisions with the best interest of the customer in mind.

stewards of the environment at all of our nursery , orchards and processing facilities, taking care of our planet for future generations.






Container Trees


Mature Trees

We represent Diversity|Opportunity|Technology|Discipline

Pecan Grove Farms & Nursery is a rapidly growing company. Building a team of innovative thinkers is  key to our success. We believe in our team and promote personal and professional growth.



We are committed to sharing our experiences and promoting involvement in agriculture from a young age. PGF has an open door policy for supporting 4H and FFA students who are interested in developing projects related to the pecan industry. We are also proud to abet the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) in the State of Texas.

Farm Tours

PGF also offers farm tours for school groups! Call our 1-800 line and navigate the menu to choose one of our farms to visit. Let us know the intention of your trip, potential dates, and the number of visitors. We will let you know if the time frame coincides with any fun farm activities, what protective equipment to bring, and we will plan around your group. Keep in mind that smaller groups allow us to provide a more personal experience.  


Are you a college student? Are you interested in a summer internship with PGF? Reach out to us through our contact page and let us know your background and what you could bring to PGF! We will let you know if you’re a fit for our open internships at that time.


Agricultural Advocacy

It is our interest to engage in the creation and development of strategies, legislation, programs, and any other incentives that may impact t the pecan and agriculture  industries.We are advocate for what is right and for what we believe will bring the most benefit to PGF, our partners, clients, and colleagues. Not only do we fight for the pecan industry, but we fight for the rights of our main work force and let our voices be heard regarding agricultural workers and the immigration issues we face.

Down Syndrome

The PGF Family proudly supports the Down Syndrome community and promotes awareness on any given chance. Join us every 3/21 in raising awareness by wearing something blue, volunteering, or donating to the cause. This goes to our little guy Ace!


Do you have a particular cause, charity, or non profit and are in need of funds? PGF offers to help you fundraise by providing our pecan product at cost and have all proceeds go to your cause. Get in touch with us through our contact page and tell us your story and what you are fundraising for, we would love to help!