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Pecan Grove supplies the highest quality and a wide range of sizes and grades of pecan kernels for your production and consumption requirements.  We can also provide custom sizes for those special applications. With the creation of our new Ingredients Division, so too will our wholesale ingredient offerings.  New multi-language brochures, sizing charts, redesigned boxes, logos, etc., are in the works.  In the meantime, should you have questions about our product line, product availability and/or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-905-5110 (630-879-5200).

Learn more about the pecan product quality and sizing here.

We mainly grow high quality ‘Pawnee’, ‘Wichita’ and ‘Western’ varieties and are one of the largest pecan producers in Texas and within the USA. Our in-shell pecans are currently sold to large food processors in the United States and internationally.

Our hard work, dedication, stewardship and care for our trees allows us to grow competitive superior quality pecans that satisfy the local and global market needs. 

Container Trees 

We supply the pecan industry with the highest quality tree stock available; all from commercially viable and certified pure varieties. PGF maintains compliance agreements with most states to ensure our trees transition seamlessly to our client’s operations.

Our small-sized containers, soilless media, and growing practices allow for regular and fall planting, promoting a quicker establishment of the crop. We grow 92,000 pots a year; which are individually watered and fertilized to the needs of the tree.

Farming Services

Cleaning Services

We provide world-class inshell pecan cleaning services to affiliated growers in the vicinity of our Central Texas and West Texas farm clusters. Our quick turnaround, efficient cleaning, and effective sorting processes enable our growers to maximize their profits by clearly separating pecans into well-defined quality streams.

Orchard Services

Ad-hoc equipment-based services; including custom hedging, custom harvesting executed under the same level of productivity, cost efficiency, and performance tracking, that has come to distinguish PGF.

Technology Outsourcing

Our dashboarding capability allows PGF and affiliated growers to visualize the status of key processes in ad-hoc dashboards hosted in the cloud.

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Six Benefits from PGF Trees

PGF’s unique technology produces the best container trees for our clients

1. All trees are true to variety and certified pest and disease-free

We are certified by the USDA, TDA, and the NMDA. We grow our pecan trees in a soilless media which helps prevent disease and insect pressure in the orchard (nematode, Japanese beetle, pecan weevil, and fire ant-free)

2. PGF promises a strong tree

PGF hand-grades several times a year, ensuring only the strongest trees are produced. Each container-grown tree having 100% of its root system vs. roughly 10-15% of a root system from a bare-root tree.

3. Strong probability to produce pecans at least a year ahead of bare-root trees

PGF trees have been pampered for almost 3 years with fertilizer and proper irrigation techniques. Having 100% of their root system, PGF trees are not stressed when transplanted to your orchard and have historically gained production a year ahead of bare-root trees.

4. It is cheaper and faster to plant a PGF container tree vs. other container trees in the market

It is easier to handle and unload a 2.5 gal container tree vs. a typical 6 gal. It is also more efficient for transportation (2,500 per load vs. 1,000).  You’ll have a smaller hole to dig at planting and our soilless media is significantly lighter than soil.

5. Flexibility to plant trees early summer and early fall

PGF trees allow flexibility for the farmer to adapt to weather delays at planting and to manage costs.

6. Significant savings for the grower due to high survivability of PGF container trees

Savings on the cost of buying and planting the original tree. Savings on fertilizing and irrigating a dead tree. Savings on the cost of buying and planting a new tree. Loss of income due to a year delay of pecan production for those trees that died.

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