Our Farms

We lead our operation by managing our farms and assets efficiently, sustainably, and excellently through data-driven practices and strategic execution. Thus, creating a world-class growing system capable of producing a reliable supply of desirable, high-quality pecan products. Safety is one of our main concerns and PGF works constantly to make our farming environment the best it can be.

Sustainability At PGF

Pecan Grove Farms & Nursery operates in environmentally responsible methods to enhance the efficiency of water utilization, maximize precision in fertilizer delivery, and implement innovative technologies to increase automation; sustainability is at the forefront of our mission at PGF.

Bastrop Farm + Nursery

Located 20 minutes outside the city of Austin, our Bastrop farm is a world-class production system with 500 acres of total land, 80 acres in development, and over 20,000 trees in production. Intensive, yet sustainable, management practices, alongside our carefully implemented technology, drive a strategic and effective decision-making process for optimal care and production of PGF quality pecans.

Meet John, our Farm Manager

The Bastrop farm hosts our ten acre Nursery operation, where we plant, grow, and graft 92,000 container trees annually for sale.

Van Horn Farm

Our largest production site standing at 5,200 acres (220 acres in development) and over 61,200 mature producing trees, our Van Horn farm is a typical example of West Texas pecan farming. Data driven, the Van Horn farm uses technology to keep track of the entire operation for optimal and efficient management practices. We also strongly promote sustainable practices in the use of water, a precious resource in the area. We are proud to be one of the most important employers in the area!

Meet Lane, our Farm Manager

Brownwood Farm

Our Brownwood farm is located right in the heart of the original Texas pecan country. Made up of 1,150 acres of mature trees adjoining Lake Brownwood. A careful implementation of technologies, as well as world-class work, push the farm to become a reference for PGF growing systems. Discipline and efficient management, through data-driven decisions, bring out the potential in this ever-changing farm, as it strives to be an environmentally conscious production system.

Meet Steve, our Farm Manager

Fabens Farm + Nursery

Our Fabens farm is made up of 560 acres of producing trees and was added to our portfolio in 2020.  We are very proud to continue the traditions of farming in the El Paso Valley.  On this farm, you will find deep, rich valley soils that allow us to produce quality nuts year-round. In addition to producing pecans, we also sell nursery trees from this location for our local growers.

Meet Lane, our Farm Manager

In order to serve our western customers, PGF has established a Nursery operation in our Fabens Farm. We take orders of all sizes. Service by appointment only.

Las Cruces Farm

Our Las Cruces farm is the first Pecan Grove farm located in New Mexico, within the fertile soils of the historic Mesilla Valley, just at the foothills of the Organ Mountains. It is made up of 540 acres of producing western variety trees. This farm represents our commitment to fulfilling our vision of becoming industry leaders and taking our sustainable agricultural practices beyond the Texas borders and into the most agriculturally productive part of the Rio Grande’s 400-mile journey through New Mexico.

Every Person Counts, Every Tree Counts and Every Pecan Counts.

Lalo Medina, President