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Back in 2009 Pepe and Lalo met again by accident in Houston five years after having worked together in Mexico.

They soon realized they shared a common goal – starting a new company. Several business ideas were kicked around, all around the theme of building a world-class company, yet treating everyone within as family. The details of that fortuitous meeting are now vague, and as it often happens with old friends, the stories quickly diverge.

We do know, however, that they ultimately decided to go into the business of pecan farming, motivated by its healthy lifestyle and a commitment to preserving the proud heritage of our fellow pecan farmers.

From that day, it took them three years and hundreds of thousands of miles of Texas highway before they were able to buy their first orchard in Bastrop. We also know it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for them as PGF has grown and picked up a few other family members along for the ride. A ride that is just in the beginning stages. Their vision continues to drive the culture of the Company, which in turn drives the energy and passion of everyone around them.

Today Lalo as PGF’s President leads our Company’s external affairs; including industry relations and pecan customer sales. As CEO, Pepe directs the day-to-day internal operations.


Pecan Grove Farms & Nursery is a strong supporter of Women in Agriculture.

We encourage women from all over to demonstrate their abilities and to stand out. Whether managing our finances, tending to the administrative needs of our farms or driving tractors, PGF women are hard workers with a sense of responsibility over the task in hand.

They are an example of the inclusiveness of the PGF family and the opportunities it offers; they also make up a significant portion of our total employees!

Employees are Woman
Administrative are Women.
Upper Management are Women.

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