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We pride ourselves in having a diverse and dynamic team to which each individual brings very specific aptitudes and values that make the PGF family better.  Our work environment promotes inclusion and we value all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Meet Our Management Team

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Lalo Medina


Originally from Mexico City, Lalo is the heart of our sales force and industry relations. Lalo  is not only the the main voice of PGF within the industry, but also brings invaluable knowledge from his engineering and consulting background to the operations and management of the farms. He is an active member in the industry currently holding positions in the boards s of the Texas Pecan Grower Association and  the American Pecan Council, amongst others. Lalo also keeps a busy family life with his wife and three sons.

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Stephanie Hudgins

Director of Finance

Stephanie Hudgins, CPA joins PGF as the Director of Finance & lead of our administrative team.  A seasoned professional, she brings over 15 years of real estate, private equity & fund accounting experience.  Born & raised in Texas with Accounting & Finance degrees from Texas A&M University, she started her career in public accounting before moving into 3rd party administration of private equity funds.  Stephanie is excited to apply her skills in financial reporting, audit & tax support, investor relations & treasury services to a new industry with PGF: Agribusiness.

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Travis Britt

Chief Horticulturalist and Nursery Manager

A key member of our team, Travis enjoys working outdoors and watching things grow.  “There is nothing like being able to manipulate a plant and get it to do what you want.  Plants can’t talk and explain, they can’t make any noises to tell you what they need, there is a lot of satisfaction in determining and fixing a problem for something that cannot communicate”. Based in Bastrop, TX, Travis leads our Nursery Business Unit and constantly travels to meet with our farm managers to help make horticultural decisions and improve our sustainable practices.

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James Bettiga

Farm Director

With 20+ years in the agricultural industry, James oversees all of PGF’s farming operations and has become the lead for our continuous improvement initiatives including lean, safety, and sustainability practices. James provides critical support to all of the farm managers on matters regarding labor force, planning and execution of tasks, logistics, and more. Originally from the Central Coast of California, James and his wife raise their two daughters in Stephenville, Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, hunting, helping his daughters with their show goat enterprise, and spending family time.

We’re pecan growers, but we’re also a company. Pecan Grove Farms and Nursery is going somewhere. We see it. We can feel it. Everyone brings an energy to the company that’s just amazing.

PGF Team

Meet Our Farm Managers

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John Luzius

Bastrop Farm Manager & Development Lead

John is PGF’s very own biking champion and enjoys being outdoors. He will ride up and down the farm on his bike every evening to check on things whilst getting some training in for future races. Leading the way in efficiencies and data collection for PGF, John pays close attention to detail and takes pride in the perfect execution of tasks around the farm.

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Lane Brewster

Van Horn & Fabens Farm Manager

Born and raised in Van Horn, TX, Lane enjoys being outdoors and caring for the pecans. With years of experience in the business, Lane leads our Van Horn team from planting to harvest and particularly enjoys being hands on with our equipment and daily practices. “Everything done on the farm has an effect on something else, you must pay close attention to everything”

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Steve Whalley

Brownwood Farm Manager

Passionate about the farm and keeping up with the tasks at hand, Steve is not only taking care of our farm, but he is taking care of a big piece of important pecan history. Having served on several boards as well as having experience in the shelling process, Steve brings his expertise to PGF and helps us become better at what we do.

How it All Started

Back in 2009 Pepe and Lalo met again in Houston by accident five years after having worked together in Mexico.

They soon realized there was a common, shared goal of starting a company. Several business ideas were kicked around, all around the theme of building a world class company yet treating everyone within as family. The details of that fortuitous meeting are now vague, and as it often happens with old friends, the stories quickly diverge.

We do know, however, that they ultimately decided to go into the business of pecan farming, motivated by its healthy lifestyle and a commitment to preserving the proud heritage of our fellow pecan farmers.

From that day it took them three years and hundreds of thousands of miles of Texas highway driving to buy their first orchard in Bastrop. We also know it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for them as PGF has grown and picked up a few other family members along for the ride.  A ride that is just in the beginning stages. Their vision continues to drive the culture of the Company, which in turn drives the energy and passion of everyone around them.

Today Lalo as PGF’s President leads our Company’s external affairs; including industry relations and pecan customer sales. As CEO, Pepe directs the day to day internal operations.

Women in Agriculture

Pecan Grove Farms & Nursery is a strong supporter of Women in Agriculture.

We encourage women from all over to demonstrate their abilities and stand out. Whether managing our finances, tending to our administrative farm needs or driving tractors, PGF women are hard workers with a sense of responsibility over the task in hand.

PGF women are an example of the inclusiveness of the PGF family and the opportunities it offers; they also make up a great part of our total employees!

of total employees are women
of the administrative team are women
of upper management are women

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