Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I plant my container trees?

Read our Planting Guide to find out more about planting your PGF Container Trees!

How to water my container trees?

Read this handout and give us a call if you need more information.

When should I plant my container trees?

PGF offers trees for regular planting and early fall. Read the hand-out and give us a call if you need more information

How old is my tree when I receive it?

Most of the time, your trees will be 2 year old root system with a 1 year top; some years a 2 year old top.

What makes a PGF tree better than everybody elses?
Can I buy pecans from PGF?

Today, we do not sell directly to consumers. However, please visit our friends at Berdoll Candy and Gift Store to buy our pecans!

What is the minimum amount of trees I can buy from PGF?

A minimum amount of 20 trees need to be purchased. If you want one or two for your backyard, please visit our friends at Berdoll's for all of your needs!

Customer Service Questions

Tree Statistics

~1000 trees on a flatbed trailer
~2500 trees on a 53’ 18 wheeler
Each tree weighs 16lbs
Each container is 12” tall and 8” wide

What should I do when I receive my trees until I plant them?

Unload, stack tightly and water them.

How much growth should I expect in the first year?

1’ to 3’ of shoot growth

What are these paint marks on my tree?

Bottom color is a variety code, top color is a height code.

What do I do with all those roots in the pot?

Trim as necessary

What is this metal staple in my pot?

The metal staple is used to hold down an irrigation line. Remove and dispose properly.

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